Long Distance Hearts is a blog for supporting and guiding long distance couples worldwide.

My wife “C” and I were in a long distance relationship for six and a half years. I was in Australia, and she was in the U.S.

Halfway through that time, we got engaged and planned an international wedding. After that, we went through the spousal visa and immigration process.

Now we’ve successfully closed the distance, and we’re about to start our very own family with a baby on the way!

We also both come from different cultural backgrounds—her family is Mexican/Italian, and my family comes from Hong Kong. This blog has some stories and advice to share about navigating and respecting cultural differences.

We know first-hand how hard it is to maintain a relationship when you both can’t be in the same room. By sharing our experiences, we hope to help you maintain your long distance connection with your partner, wherever you are.

Best wishes, and good luck!

– Tim